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I'm Baaaackkk!!!!!!

I don't know for how long or when my next post is going to be but I had some fun this past weekend and someone took some pictures so I thought I would through them up here for everyone to enjoy. These are just some of the... lets just say PG photo's that were taken. I know my daughters watch this site every now and again and I don't want them to see all the crazy shit that happens here in Chicago. Anyway, Enjoy the photos and feel free to laugh, I know I did when I saw them. I really didn't remember any of these so it was nice to be able to refresh my memory.

Michelle, Zack and Mandee


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Long time no write

I have not written anything here in a while. My evilness I have found has a direct correlation with my pocket book and the weather. The more money I have and the warmer the weather the more evil I become. Otherwise I sit in my cave and dream of the evils that I will commit. Oh yeah, its damn cold outside right now, 7 degrees, and my wallet is empty. There will be no evilness today. I will sit at my desk and dream of the warmth of hell. I hate this mortal life that has left me in this heaven like place of freezing weather and bars abound that undermine my funding for evilness.



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IT Summer Event 2007

We had our annual IT Summer Event on Friday, August 3rd. This year, we went with something different and tried The Go Game (see for more details). It was a fun event, and we all spent the afternoon running around the local area trying to solve various puzzles. Afterwards, we headed back to the office for the awards ceremony.

Needless to say, there was plenty of drinking going on. Once enough drink got around, I gave my camera to Dean...always a fun experience.

You can see the results for yourself:



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Been a while

Well it's been a while but I have forced my lazy ass to get something up here.

March 10th 2007. Amber Dawn Haley is having a birthday. I won't tell you how old she is but damn she's getting old!

We started out the night at mine and Tyrees place to do a little pre-drinking while waiting to get the entire gang together. My fried Zack showed up with his camera and snapped off a few picks for us.

After everyone arrived we jumped in a couple of cabs and went to Howl at the Moon. Beth was working so we wanted to stop by and see her plus she was able to get us in without having to wait in line and set us up with cheap drinks. Thanks again Beth! On a side note, Amber the birthday girl was kind enough to forget her drivers license at my place so we got in another cab and went back to retrieve her fun pass.

We were only able to handle Howl for a little while because it was crazy busy in there and we wanted to do some dancing so we all walked over to Soundbar where Zack being the evil minion that he is and using his silver tongue was able to get us in for half price. Yea!

I have uploaded several pictures to the gallery if you would like to see them and all of them are on up on Zacks web site if you want to see all the terrible mess that we made that night.

Here is a small sampling of what you will find at the other locations.

Getting started

Amber and Megs

Most of the gang

A kiss from my girls



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Boy am I lazy!

Since I'm too lazy to post proper blog entries, I've installed a photo gallery and uploaded a bunch of pics that should have gone here. Please visit our photo gallery by clicking the title of this post as it will have the most current stuff.


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